o,rdquo; she said to Carlene, then set off again, Black 3M Mens Adidas Tubular X On Feet Trainersimpatient with the delay, but mostly impatient with herself.Once again shersquo;d left something Red Mens Adidas Tubular X Circular On Feet Trainersimportant until almost the last minute. Well, this wasnrsquo;t the last minute. The last minute would be two weeks from today, when her contract with the town of Walkers Ford ended and she left to drive back to Chicago. But her habitual distraction and procrastination meant yet again she was White Mens Adidas Tubular X Circular On Feet Trainersscrambling to do something shersquo;d always meant to do, then didnrsquo;t.Like work in a public library, the goal shersquo;d set when she got her MLS then let slip through her fingers after graduation. The whole point of this diversion was for her to learn to be more proactive


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