back inside to lock up for the night, he had no Mens Fredapoitiers Slip On Stud All Blackidea how right he was.OneCallie leaned over her drink and feigned interest in the handsome man sitting across from her at the bar. The pulsing blue lights of the club lit up his face and gave his eyes an otherworldly glow. Gavin Hughes was handsome. He was the right age for her. He even had the Mens Fredapoitiers Slip On Stud Black Redright job: chief of staff for an up-and-coming Congressman. There was only one problem: he was a blackmailer. Why do all the handsome guys have to be such creeps? she wondered. Ok, there were other problems, too. Mainly, he was boring. How can a handsome criminal be so completely uninteresting? She had Mens Fredapoitiers Slip On Stud Leapardbeen flirting with him for over an hour, and she was struggling to keep the conversation going. The loud house music made it hard enough to hear her own


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