This package offers the option of heating your home without heating and heating of the water because the pellet stove works fully automatically, just like a resume (if there are enough pellets):MCZ Club Hydromatic 16 (white, black bordeaux or sand)2 x Spectrum Solar CPC 24 collectors for sliding roofResol MXSolar pump group 2-12 ltr / minSolar Expansion tank 24 liter with wall mountingConnection kit expansion tank incl. Hood valve2 x 20 liters Solar Fluid Spectrum Coracon SOL 5 FHygienevat 600 liter with 1 heat exchanger3-way valve integration valveExpansion tank 80L incl. Stand footKetel safety groupDuco Inlet CombinationESBE DHW VTA323ESBE Load Valve VTC 312Buffer connection kit5 meter DN16 dual solar lineDakhakenFitting material, crank clutches, air vent etc. to the pumpThe subsidy on the solar is: € 2462The grant on this pellet stove is: € 1400The total grant on this package is € 3862.00


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